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Louise Price is a highly regarded professional Life Coach, committed to assisting her clients achieve their goals and make lasting changes in their lives.

She has a huge passion for partnering with people, and seeing them grow, develop, transform and reach their full potential.

Louise’s specific area of expertise is working with individuals and their family members who have been impacted by significant health challenges, such as acute or chronic illness, injury, or disability, and helping them move forward with life in a positive and meaningful way.

As a Registered Nurse of 25 years, Louise is able to draw on extensive knowledge and expertise in caring for individuals through their health challenges. Her broad professional experience gives her skills, wisdom, compassion, insight and credibility.

Louise also has a wealth of insight and compassion born from her own challenging life experiences, including chronic illness, injury/surgery/rehabilitation, and having close family members with disabilities. Her personal experiences allow her to coach others with authenticity and passion!

Her core values include authenticity, compassion and honesty.

Louise lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her family, and Molly the dog!!


  • Cert IV Life Coaching
  • Registered Nurse Certificate
  • Acute Care Certificate
  • Associate Diploma in Arts

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