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Life Coaching

At Anthesis Life Coaching we will guide, inspire, and encourage you to discover the self-awareness, insights, new perspectives, options, and strategies you need, in order to close the gap between where you are, and where you want to be in relation to your goals in any aspect of your life. Life Coaching is not the same as counselling, therapy, or mentoring, so in coaching we don’t give advice, or treat personal, social or psychological problems. The process of coaching starts with the present, and we work with a focus on your future… your purpose, goals, aspirations, and dreams.

We recognise that every person is wired differently, has different challenges, different goals and dreams, and different obstacles to overcome. The changes, complexities, implications, challenges, feelings and grief around injury, illness and disability can feel overwhelming. If you are at the point of embracing change, and you want to move forward in your life, but are struggling to do this, we can help you! We can work with you to see a way forward, gain clarity around what you want, clarify your identity and life purpose, take control of the overwhelm, overcome limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, create meaningful change in your life, achieve personal growth, reach your full potential, progress to where you want to be, and achieve your goals.

At Anthesis Life Coaching, we are passionate about empowering people. We will help you to identify what is important to you, what you want, and how you can achieve that. We draw on a range of specialized personal coaching techniques which will bring about the best result and outcome for you.

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Vision Board Workshops

A Vision Board is a collage of pictures, photos, words, quotes, affirmations and embellishments that represent what you want to do, be or have in your life… essentially, your dreams and your desires.

Creating a vision board is a way of helping to clarify and maintain your focus on your goals and what you want to achieve, whether it be in the short or long term.

A fabulous opportunity for self-care, a Vision Board Workshop is a space for fun, support and encouragement in the busyness of life! The vision board that you create and take home is designed to serve as a source of inspiration, motivation, and focus on the things that you dream of.

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We offer motivating and memorable presentations tailored for your organization.

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